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Sotoule Car Air Purifier Remove PM2.5 Markedly

Double Eleven Shopping Season has just passed, and the wallet hasn't slowed down. The air pollution has begun to hurt us. No matter what air condition, people still have to go to work. What? Do you think the windows are closed and the thick haze can't run in? No wonder! Think about it. Even your alveoli can get in, let your car glass alone? Old drivers, air cleansing giant-Sotoule CT-Q8 car air purifier, a machine to solve the multiple pollution in the car, let's see how it can quickly suck the dust and all pollution in the car!


In order to test the cleansing effect of Sotoule air purifier, a violent test was carried out. A smoke disc was ignited in the car with an initial PM2.5 concentration of 108 ug/m, and the PM2.5 concentration burst the meter to over 999 ug/m. Then the Sotoule air purifier was opened. It can be seen that the PM2.5 value is rapidly decreasing. After three minutes, it falls to half. Over time, after five minutes, the PM2.5 value returns to its normal level. That is to say, in just one song, your car will be clean.


Why is the purification effect of Sotoule vehicle air purifier so fast? Firstly, the CADR value of particulate matter of Sotoule vehicle air purifier reaches 55m_/h, which can produce 55-60m_wind per hour, filter PM2.5 particulate matter quickly, and send purified clean air to every corner of the vehicle.

white hole filter detail.png

In addition, Sotoule vehicle air purifier also carries a new four-fold composite filter, covering HEPA and activated carbon and other filtering media. It can not only simplify the frequent replacement of the filter, prolong the service life of the filter, but also solve multiple air pollution. It can effectively remove PM2.5, odor, dust and wool in the vehicle. Pollution such as flocculation, second-hand smoke and formaldehyde makes the air in the car become fresh unconsciously, and provides healthy travel air for car owners.

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